Client feedback

“The boom has been absolutely fantastic, [steel] boats have been bouncing off it regularly [for 13 years] without damage... yes you can quote me!”
M.H., Construction Supervisor, CANAL & RIVER TRUST

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"Thanks all for your assistance over the past few years!"
S.H., BEng(Hons) CEng MICE Principal Engineer, Canal & River Trust

"Everything I hear about you guys is good!"
P.W., Site Manager, J.N. BENTLEY

"We can confirm that this contract was completed satisfactorily, both on time and within budget with all boom materials supplied in good condition. Furthermore we would not hestitate to engage the services of Bolina Ltd again for any future orders of a similar nature."
N.B., Branch Manager, JEWSON LTD

"I just called to let you know that the installation yesterday was all perfect, so please pass on our thanks to the lads who did a great job - I’ll send you some photos"

"You got straight onto it - the boom looks impressive"
A.H., Project Engineer, WESSEX WATER

“Yes please, exactly the same as previously supplied, it was perfect!”
M.D., Procurement Manager, ABLE UK

"Ah brilliant, it all went together great"
A.M., Site Supervisor, KAYMAC MARINE

"We installed the boom on Curacao. Very nice system, easy assembly etc. the end result looks very nice and the customer was very happy with the product and instalment"
P. van der S., Director, MCC CONSULTANCY

"I am generally very satisfied with the good service of your company and the quality of your products."
I.B., Chief Engineer, WSF

"Dave is as happy as can be with the boom – it’s worked like a champ!"

"Jerry's original booms have proved very reliable and robust, in fact they have stood the test of time without requiring any maintenance. We therefore ordered more [some years later] without a significant price increase, making him our national contractor"... ..."they are too good!"
A.R., Waterway Engineer, BRITISH WATERWAYS

"We are absolutely delighted with the boom; it has proved to be both easy to use and extremely effective"
J.T., Dock Master, BAE SYSTEMS

"Brilliant - we couldn't have done it without you!"

"The booms are great, and they blend in well with the surrounding scenery"
K.P., Project Manager, SOUTH WEST WATER

"You may recall that you provided a trash boom for Guildford Borough Council in 2006. Just to let you know that it is working well and I have attached photos which you are welcome to use in your company portfolio if you wish"

"We’re very happy with your booms which have been in continuous operation at our weirs in Grave & Lith for over 7 years without maintenance"
J.H. Team Leader Shipping and Operations for Grave & Lith, Holland, RWS

"Bolina's attention to detail has resulted in a design that meets or exceeds all our requirements. Having won the European competitive tendering process, they have consistently delivered on schedule and on budget. I have no hesitation in recommending them"
P.C., Flood Defence Team Leader, ENVIRONMENT AGENCY

"Absolutely fantastic – we’re really pleased with them” [when asked how his Bolina booms were performing on the River Severn]"
M.A., Construction Supervisor, BRITISH WATERWAYS

“I would like to say that at the time I left the project; the boom and all its hardware had performed virtually maintenance free.”
D.D., Critical Services Manager, KBR

“The boom is still working great, and it gets opened or closed about 20 times a day…your competitors boom only lasted six months and faded, so it’s a good testament to your boom” [supplied in 2008].”
S.G., Spill Response Advisor, CHEVRON

“The help you guys have given is absolutely tremendous, it really is much appreciated.”

“ …the boom went together fine and is working great, we’re very pleased with it. It’s so much easier to operate than the old [competitor’s] boom – like a breath of fresh air!”
Capt. J.R., Marine Operations Advisor, CHEVRON

“For such a massive security critical event [the NATO 60th Anniversary Summit] we looked at all kinds of alternatives for closing the River Rhine - this was to allow all the heads of state to meet on the Europa Bridge in complete safety. It became clear that Bolina was the only choice. After eventually placing our order, they produced both boom systems with time to spare. Assembly, launching and operation all went smoothly and as planned by Bolina staff whose professional approach put us all at ease. In service the boom acted as the ultimate deterrent allowing the event to pass off without incident - Bolina even bought back some of the boom afterwards to help with our budgeting! We couldn’t have wished for better supply partners.”

“With reference to Bolina Ltd to supply and deliver booms for use on the river Avon. As General Manager I was responsible for implementation of this contract and I am happy to confirm that Bolina Booms fulfilled the contract in a very satisfactory and competent manner. All goods were supplied on time, in budget, and the booms have performed very well in service.

The Environment Agency continues to purchase debris and safety booms from Bolina Booms, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
C.M., General Manager, AVON NAVIGATION

“Hi, Following our conversation recently I can confirm that a few of our weir guard pile and catenary buoys systems have been tested during the 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2008 floods here in Thames Region.

In particular, Pinkhill Weir catenary buoys safely secured a 40ft Sunseeker Cruiser from hitting our weir gates. The cruiser came free of its moorings and drifted with the current (approx 5knots) until it landed on the buoys. The 20 tonne cruiser was not scratched during the impact, neither were the buoys damaged.”

“We have had many instances of removing trees from our weirs e.g. Caversham weir that experienced over 300 cumecs during the 2007 floods. Since installing the 200 (approx) [now over 300] catenary buoys on the river Thames over the past 10 years the various elements have remained intact. The bottle screws, ropes, rubbing strips etc have all been inspected annually and are all working fine”
P.C., Flood Risk Management Team Leader (Upper Thames), ENVIRONMENT AGENCY

“The boom has saved several canoeists lives at this one site alone, so I will continue to recommend your booms.”

“I can therefore confirm that Bolina have provided British Waterways with a value for money system which has been tested by competitive tender, and that two years later they have maintained a similar unit cost.”
A.R., Waterway Engineer, BRITISH WATERWAYS

“Traffic Boom is positioned and is at the Dutch side upstream of the Island “Meers”. Many thanks for the fast response and the company has acted quick, well thought through and effectively [did have to deal with various problems within a few hours] a very high level super achievement of high quality!!!”

“You sold us a good product, the booms have saved three lives on the Medway recently [in flood]; a canoeist in difficulties and a couple of guys in a four ton tug when it's prop shaft sheared' no problems with the ice, or debris at another site the shear bolts worked well too [preventing a contractors barge damaging the piles]”

“We've never had any negative feedback from the public or any of the Thames user groups etc, which after 10 years is amazing' [now 15 years].”
P.C., Flood Defense Engineer, ENVIRONMENT AGENCY

“ for the booms themselves, they are very good and have stopped a couple of canoeists going through the sluices!!”

“The booms are more substantial than expected, so I’m happy.”
M.W. – Senior Engineer, CANAL & RIVER TRUST

“Our staff then installed the Bolina debris boom which works extremely well, so we recommend this system as a good choice.”
H. van de K., WSV & E

“The work was completed on time and within budget, Bolina provided us with excellent on site service and support. I would not hesitate in recommending Bolina.”

“The [debris] booms are working fantastic, we need more shear bolts.”

“By the way, the debris booms you supplied a while ago that have been in service for some time now are excellent and performing well.”

“The EA are delighted with your boom at Horton – that's why they have specified you again for this job.”

“Simon, Mark, Tony -  I just wanted to put on record my thanks to all three of you in supplying all the components for replacing the Kilnhurst Weir boom in time for Friday's opening ceremony. As you will see from the attached photos it was all satisfactorily installed last Wednesday and was gratefully admired on Friday by all of those involved with building the plant and wanting to see everything in good condition on the day of the opening. The Bolina instructions were well received, once these were to hand it only took the contractor a matter of literally minutes to assemble the units on the bank and then launch them! Obviously well written. Once again thanks for your help. It got us out of a big hole! Regards Ian”

“I wish all the equipment in my patch was as maintenance free as your booms have proved to be!”
J.H., Team Leader, Shipping and Operations (L & L Region) – RWS

“There has been lots of positive feedback, everybody has been very impressed and very happy with the way the boom went in and the way it has performed - so now we want you to look at another site…”
A.H., Project Engineer, WESSEX WATER

“We are all very happy with the boom, from manager to field operatives.”
Maintenance Department, WSR&O

“We have now completed the works and can off hire the boom, which has worked superbly thank you.”
M.D., Group Buyer, ABLE UK

“Thanks very much for your comments and honest appraisal of how we may take this forward. I feel as though you are talking yourself out of work!”
S.O., Contracts Manager, WESSEX WATER