Design and Engineering

We offer a comprehensive engineering support service. Our team and specialist consulting engineers will work with you to create full specifications for your project.

Bolina Booms will provide you with technical advice to meet your specific requirements including surveying, pile design, custom boom design and advice on deployment of your boom.

All designs for anchors, custom booms and boom configurations can be supported with CAD, 3D formatting and dynamic modelling with FE analysis.

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Model of Displaced Boom with Wave Train Passing

Wave train in action

Bolina Boom in action riding Wave Train

Bolina Booms standards

  • New tooling for float mouldings (low profile colours available)
  • Polyethylene floats are rotation moulded to Montreal Protocol standards
  • Proven long-term UV stability
  • Floats foamed with Lloyds Registered marine grade material (except for Environment Booms)
  • All components made to ISO 9001 standards
  • Steel components hot dip galvanised to ISO 1461
  • Certified welding quality
  • 30 years experience in flotation
  • Past experience in mouldings for MOD, RNLI, ABP, EA, HIE, BW
  • Thorough design and execution of boom projects

Construction features

  • User-friendly assembly with simple instructions
  • Virtually unsinkable construction
  • Easy section replacement if damaged
  • Maintenance reduced to occasional inspections
  • Chain floats are unstressed
  • Up to 80 tons break load
  • Tidal compensators that are self aligning
  • Vandal and tamper resistant connections
  • Optional colours and lettering for floats
  • Generous freeboard to restrain craft
  • All stressed components tested before despatch
  • No moving parts under stress (such as swivels)
  • Access for authorised vessels behind the boom
  • Optional alarm systems, lights etc