Environment Booms

Our unique Environment Booms are ideal for permanent debris and pollution control at vulnerable sites where a constant risk exists.

Industrial sites, nature reserves, harbours or marinas, pumping stations, water treatment works, screens, grills, dam spillways etc.

The Bolina Environment Boom is a protected design that evolved for a customer who was frustrated by the shortcomings of existing boom configurations (spilling debris, damaged floats, splitting curtains, jamming compensators, lengthy repairs etc). Our environment booms are now the toughest of their type.

All the floats are protected behind the curtain for easy clean-up, and for laminar flow that deflects the debris towards a collection point. The whole assembly is connected by shear-bolts to avoid costly repairs, and self-aligning tidal compensators accommodate different water levels without jamming.

Next to Bolina Environment Booms, we now also offer the Ecocoast marine protection range: Silt CurtainsContainment Booms and many other marine and coastal protection barriers.

Find your solution:

  • Permanent Debris Booms

    Permanent Debris Booms

    Debris booms are permanently installed for the containment and recovery of floating trash with a unique flush-sided design.

    See our Permanent Debris Booms

  • Log Screen Booms

    Log Screen Booms

    Bolina Log Screen Booms provide critical protection to some of the world’s major hydro dams with a unique self-aligning compensator design.

    See our Log Screen Booms

  • Modular Debris Booms

    Modular Debris Booms

    Our Modular Debris Booms offer protection for temporary works such as clearing drainage channels and mowing grass banks.

    See our Modular Debris Booms

  • Litter Fence Booms

    Litter Fence Booms

    Used where wetland habitats need protection from both water-born debris, and wind blown rubbish with replaceable Netlon fence panels.

    See our Litter Fence Booms

  • Permanent Pollution Booms

    Permanent Pollution Booms

    Our Pollution Booms provide constant protection for environmentally sensitive sites or plant providing total peace of mind.

    See our Permanent Pollution Booms

  • Permanent Pollution Booms

    Ecobarrier Silt Curtains

    Ecobarrier Silt Curtains are designed to contain the fine particles of silt that are discharged into the water from dredging, construction or reclamation activities.

    More about Ecobarrier Silt Curtains

Bolina Booms has a wide range of project experience

  • London 2012 Olympic Games – all eight booms protecting the Olympic sites
  • U.S. Military – Counter Terrorist Booms used to provide waterside security overseas
  • Dutch Waterways – Safety Booms protecting all the weirs along the River Maas
  • French Waterways – Safety Booms to stop 5000 ton barges
  • Environment Agency - 3 year program of Safety Booms for the River Thames (current contract)
  • Cardiff Harbour Authority - 500m Litter Fence Boom to protect a nature reserve
  • London City Airport - 250m Airport Security Boom
  • British Waterways - Safety Booms for guarding weirs throughout England
  • BAE Systems - 100m latching boom to close dock entrance