Log Screen Booms

We help to maintain power generation at some of the world’s major hydro dams such as the Kariba Dam in Zambia and the Cahora Bassa Dam in Mozambique where the amount of natural floating debris carried downstream is exceptional with serious consequences for failure to control it, and this is why they choose Bolina Booms. Our LSB600/800/1000 series of booms have a capacity of up to 100 tons break load and up to 3m draft using mesh screens that are joined to provide a seamless barrier for logs, trash etc. with full articulation of the boom’s universal joints that connect each module. The wall rails accomodate our unique self-aligning compensator design which allows the boom to smoothly follow any changes in water level regardless of the approach angle.

Log Screen Boom Installations

See more photos in the Environment Booms gallery here


  • Simple assembly in the field with fully articulating joints
  • Effective control of debris to maintain power output
  • Easy debris deflection for flushing
  • Compensators follow changes in water level automatically
  • Tried and tested through-tube system
  • Quick latching option to open or close boom if required
  • Optional gate for access behind boom

Bolina Standards

  • New tooling for float mouldings (low profile colours available)
  • Polyethylene floats are rotation moulded to Montreal Protocol standards
  • Proven long-term UV stability
  • Floats foamed with Lloyds Registered marine grade material (except for Environment Booms)
  • All components made to ISO 9001 standards
  • Steel components hot dip galvanised to ISO 1461
  • Certified welding quality
  • 30 years experience in flotation
  • Past experience in mouldings for MOD, RNLI, ABP, EA, HIE, BW
  • Thorough design and execution of boom projects

Construction Features

  • Modular construction
  • Easy component replacement if damaged (not required to date)
  • Maintenance reduced to occasional inspections
  • Floats are unstressed
  • Tested tubes and shackles
  • Vandal and tamper resistant connections
  • Optional colours and lettering for floats

Deploying debris booms with the above features reduces debris and waste management costs, while enhancing the environment.