Modular Debris Booms

For temporary works such as clearing drainage channels of aquatic weeds and mowing grass banks, Bolina’s MDB400/600 series of booms are easily manhandled from the back of a van or pickup so the 3m sections can be rapidly assembled on the bank for deployment downstream. The ends are secured to temporary ground anchors then the grass and reed cuttings drifting in the current collect against the boom instead of blocking culverts and sluices further downstream – the cuttings are simply taken away from the boom for recycling.

Modular Debris Boom Installations

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Operational Features

  • Very portable sections, quick to assemble using a 13mm spanner, and rapid to deploy
  • For temporary use to collect cuttings after mowing, and trap seasonal or invasive weeds
  • Unique flush-sided design which deflects debris and protects the floats behind the curtain
  • A choice of two sizes depending on location
  • Unique 'kite' floats with integral ballast weights to keep the boom stable in strong currents
  • Portable ground anchors that are easy to set and recover at the end of the job

Bolina Standards

  • New tooling for float mouldings (low profile colours available)
  • Polyethylene floats are rotation moulded to Montreal Protocol standards
  • Proven long-term UV stability
  • Floats foamed with Lloyds Registered marine grade material (except for Environment Booms)
  • All components made to ISO 9001 standards
  • Steel components hot dip galvanised to ISO 1461
  • Certified welding quality
  • 30 years experience in flotation
  • Past experience in mouldings for MOD, RNLI, ABP, EA, HIE, BW
  • Thorough design and execution of boom projects

Construction Features

  • 5 x 400mm or 8 x 600mm polyester reinforced rubber curtain for MDB400 or MDB600
  • 3m panels with three bolts connecting angle joints, and eyebolts for anchor ropes at each boom end
  • Simple instructions and stainless steel fastenings
  • Easy disconnection for rig down at end of job
  • Foam filled floats - usually black or yellow
  • Effectively maintenance free

Deploying debris booms with the above features reduces debris and waste management costs, while enhancing the environment.