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Bolina Chain Safety Booms provide durable safety solutions

Bolina Chain Safety Booms provide durable safety solutions


Find out why Bolina Chain Safety Booms provide durable safety solutions for a wide variety of waterways and water conditions.

As the popularity of water sports activities continues to increase across the world, safety has become a key aspect of consideration for marine authorities keen to reduce the risk to the public.

This comes in many forms, but perhaps the most preferred choice has been the deployment of a variety of safety booms across waterways and waterbodies, whether for swimmers and other water users, or for disabled or drifting vessels.

Ever since our launch in 1998, Bolina’s Chain Safety Booms have been amongst the most popular options for marine authorities. Used to restrain and protect watercraft that may have lost power or control from entering dangerous areas, such as weirs or sluices, these robust boom systems are the preferred choice for authorities in rougher water conditions.

Capable of operating for years with minimal maintenance, the booms can be easily assembled by using simple tools to be deployed at fully customisable lengths, meaning that they can be deployed across a variety of roles and environments.

Bolina CSB1000 River Severn
Bolina CSB1000 on the River Severn

One example of their deployment is on the River Severn, where they have helped to protect and guide watercraft for many years, including during some of the worst storms and floods to ever hit the UK. (click here for the full story in one of our previous blogposts)

In 2013-2014, the severe winter storms that affected the country saw the River Severn flood, and in several instances, the Chain Safety Booms were the last line of defence, protecting riverside homes and locales.

Due to the weight and size of these boom modules, they cannot be lifted by hand to permit passage underneath them, which also makes them effective at stopping a wide range of watercraft of varying sizes. They can stop boats that displace anywhere from five to 32 tons, and that they can withstand collisions at speeds of three to seven knots.

This reliability comes from extensive tests carried out by our product engineers, with the booms being subjected to multiple collision tests by boats of different weights, shapes and sizes, all approaching the booms at different speeds and approach angles.

The success and durability of the Bolina Chain Safety Booms lies in its design, with the CSB800/CSB1000 boom variants both containing an internal closed cell polyurethane foam filling which ensures that the float maintains full buoyancy, even if the outer float skin is damaged by a heavy collision.

This makes the booms virtually unsinkable, even when hit at increasingly high speeds. In fact, the booms are so robust, they can withstand the force of a 32-ton barge hitting them while resisting overrunning by the barges raked bow, as the video below shows.

Furthermore, the booms act as crucial life-saving devices as their inherent floatability means that in worst-case scenarios, such as when passengers are lost overboard or boats have capsized, they offer a point of safety as their design incorporates grab handles in the steel tubes connecting the floats with each other. This allows casualties in the water to reach safety alone, without risk to others, or to anchor themselves to till conditions allow for a rescue.

Collision Tests Video

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