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Bolina Debris Boom at pumping station Groot Schijn

Bolina Debris Boom at pumping station Groot Schijn


In 2018, the Agency for Roads and Traffic in Belgium contacted us for a floating debris boom for their newly built pumping station Groot Schijn in Deurne, Antwerp.

The new pumping station was built to transfer the water flow of the Groot Schijn river by means of 6 Archimedes screws to the higher Albert Canal. During construction, the flow was widened from approximately 10m to 21m and a 21m long and 6m high grate with automatic grid cleaner was placed at the inflow of the pump jacks.

In order to increase the efficiency of the cross screen cleaner, a Bolina floating boom was installed so that the litter was diverted to the first 6m of the grate. As a result, the cleaner did not have to scrape the entire 21m each time, but concentrated the dirt to the first 2 cleaning lanes. A more efficient cleaning effect for the cross screen cleaner, but also less wear and tear and less maintenance of the cleaner itself were the positive result.

On the Groot Schijn, a floating debris barrier with black Bolina floats was chosen, mounted on the 600mm high screen, with a total barrier length of 40m. Due to the possibly varying water level of 3m, a U-profile tube construction of Bolina was placed upwards against the wall. It was not possible to place the reverse screen against the tilted fence. Therefore, a separate barrier construction with a pearl float was provided, which was anchored to the existing concrete cross-beams underwater. Due to the possible tensile stresses, this pole was replaced by the following: a tripod structure fitted with a chemical anchorage.

The opening between this anchor post and the diffuser was closed off over the full height by a custom-made HDPE panel. This was done to prevent floating debris from flowing through this opening to the other part of the cross screen.

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Bolina is now an Ecocoast company.

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