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Ensuring safety at weirs

Bolina CAB400 Ensuring safety at weirs

Ensuring safety at weirs

Weirs are structures build across waterbodies such as rivers to control the upstream water level. Weirs are used to control and monitor the flow of a river and can be found on most rivers. They can be dangerous to swimmers, kayakers, and canoeists and many times, debris can collect at the end of weirs making them immensely dangerous. Hence, it’s extremely important to ensure safety at weirs and that these areas are well protected to keep vessels, swimmers, and the rest of the public secure.

How do Bolina products offer safety at weirs?

Bolina Safety Booms provide safer waterways by reducing the risk to the public, keeping water users away from dangerous situations. They are the preferred choice for Canal & River Trust, the Environment Agency and water utility companies who control the navigable waterways and critical infrastructure within the United Kingdom.

Bolina Canoe Booms

Bolina Canoe Booms are a great solution that can be used for public safety at weirs. These booms are used to prevent the passage of canoes, dinghies and other similar small craft. The booms can be orientated to allow experienced canoeists to pass while restraining novices that may get into difficulties in kayaks or other light craft if they continued downstream. The design of the Bolina Canoe Booms was developed following trials with coaching staff from the British Canoe Union.

Another benefit of these booms is that they allow easy rapid assembly to customer lengths using ordinary tools and deliver long-term low maintenance whole life costs. Additionally, the internal closed cell polyurethane filling ensures the float will maintain full buoyancy in an unlikely event where the outer float skin is damaged by a heavy collision.

Making safety at weirs a priority

According to a statistic by British Canoeing, at least 13 people have died at weirs between 2010 and 2015. Weirs are alternatively called ‘drowning machines’ in the United States. The biggest danger is the recirculating flow which occurs immediately downstream of a weir. This flow can trap swimmers causing them to get exhausted when trying to swim out and eventually drown. Bolina Safety Booms are the perfect solution that can ensure public safety at weirs.

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Our CAB datasheets can be downloaded on the product page: Bolina Canoe Booms.
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