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HYDRO 2022 product highlight: Bolina Log Screen Booms

Bolina at HYDRO 2022


Learn how Bolina Log Screen Booms help protect hydro power plants, dams and other critical aquatic installations at HYDRO 2022.

As the world moves towards alternative sources of energy, hydro power is increasingly becoming an option for countries with adequate water resources, thanks to its advantages of being a renewable and clean source of energy compared to fossil fuels.

With the world’s governments and communities focused on the fight against climate change, there is expected to be a surge in development of hydroelectric power facilities, especially in the United States, which aims to transition to 100% clean electricity by 2035, and net-zero emissions by 2050. Europe is also not far behind, with recent regional events accelerating the need to shift away from traditional sources of fossil fuels.

Hydro power dam and reservoir protection methods

It is essential that these facilities – both existing and upcoming – receive adequate protection to ensure that they continue to perform their essential and critical tasks. Bolina is regarded as a European leader in aquatic safety, producing security and environmental booms for a variety of water bodies, including inland waterways, ports, dams and other infrastructure.

As a company, we have extensive experience in hydro power dam and reservoir protection so as to ensure increased operational and cost efficiencies through the use of our products. One of the biggest challenges facing the operation of these dams and reservoirs is the floating debris in the water around them, which can represent a significant threat to the continued operation of the infrastructure.

Therefore, it is essential that the flow and direction of debris is controlled, as if there is a failure to do so, it can have catastrophic consequences.

Bolina Log Screen Booms
Bolina Log Screen Booms

It is in response to the need for these particular challenges that we have developed our range of Log Screen Booms (LSB), which come in three models – each calibrated to work effectively in different conditions and environments.

These series of booms have a capacity of up to 100-tonnes break load, and up to 3 metres of draft. They use mesh screens that are joined up together to provide a seamless barrier for logs and debris, with full articulation between units. Each mesh screen can be easily attached to the underside of the booms via specially designed swivel connectors.

In addition, the wall rails accommodate our unique self-aligning compensator design, which allows the boom to smoothly follow any changes in water level regardless of the approach angle.

The tubular backbone and Bolina-patented lug connections make our booms immensely strong, while ensuring that they are capable of withstanding continuous motion and heavy loads. The design also makes sure that the floats – which are fully demountable – remain unstressed during operation.

Made of UV-stabilised polyethylene, our floats come with solid PU foam filling and are highly resistant to impact. They can maintain fully buoyancy even in the rare occurrence of being damaged, punctured or cracked.

Our LSB range has been developed from our highly successful Traffic Control Booms range – a high level of quality control and testing has gone into its development and deployment. Furthermore, our experience in this field allows us to deliver customised solutions to our clients and partners, while our teams can be deployed to help with the design, manufacturing, and installation, in tandem with local partners on the ground.

Successful example: Montefurado Power Plant in Spain

At Bolina, we have helped maintain operations at some of the world’s major hydro dams, including Cahora Bassa Dam in Mozambique, and Montefurado Power Plant in Galicia, Spain. Located on major rivers and waterbodies, these dams often have an exceptional amount of naturally occurring floating debris carried downstream.

Bolina helps improve operations at Montefurado Hydroelectric Power Plant in Spain
Bolina helps improve operations at Montefurado Hydroelectric Power Plant in Spain

At Montefurado Power Plant, we deployed our LSB600 range to help prevent the build up of debris on one side of the dam. Operated by the Spanish energy giant Iberdrola, the plant is located on the river Bibei and has a power capacity of 38.4MW and is part of the Montefurado Dam, which has a water capacity of 10.4 million cubic metres.

However, the plant faced several disruptions to its operations due to the heavy debris accumulation on one side of the dam. In order to resolve this issue, Bolina was tasked with finding a solution that would allow the plant to resume normal operations. This was because our team had successfully resolved a similar issue at the nearby San Esteban power plant, where nearly 100 metres of LSB600 were supplied to effectively and efficiently contain the obstructions there.

Therefore, for the Montefurado Power Plant, we proposed the supply and installation of 47 modules (of a total length of 190 metres) of Bolina’s LSB600 booms with horse rails and pile floats. Supply on the project started in May 2020 and installation was completed in October 2020.

The client organised all the installation work for the project, including the building of the concrete structures on which the booms were anchored. This resolved a major challenge on this project as there was a lack of suitable structures on which to fix the booms at either end.

In order to resolve this, the client worked with us and oversaw the construction of two concrete structures, which were built at both ends, allowing the Bolina horse rails to be fixed. Once these were completed, the booms were delivered to site without any logistical problems, and the client’s personnel were able to assemble them with minimal issues.

Following the installation of the LSB600 boom, the feedback from the client has been positive, with the enormous amount of debris clogging up the dam now significantly reduced, thereby massively improving operations and reducing maintenance downtime.

HYDRO 2022 conference & exhibition: Bolina participation

To learn more about what our Log Screen Booms can offer to the protection of dams and hydro power projects, join our Bolina representatives at HYDRO 2022, which will be held in Strasbourg, France from April 25-27, 2022.

Filip Stefanovic, Regional General Manager; Michael Sims, Sales Engineer; and Gregory Duquennois, Agent for Belgium and the Netherlands, will be present across all three days of the event, exhibiting at Stand #12.

In addition, Michael will be presenting a paper focused on ‘Effective Methods for Controlling Water Borne Debris’, during which he will discuss the work Bolina has carried over many years to protect structures and facilities around the world, often in treacherous conditions.

We look forward to meeting all attendees and participants at HYDRO 2022 this year, and hope that we can contribute towards making it a successful event.

VISIT US AT STAND #12 to learn how to protect critical marine assets and infrastructure to avoid operational issues, and get a chance to win a gift box valued at 245 euros!


HYDRO 2022 Strasbourg, France. For more information about the conference and event, and to register to attend, you can visit: and don’t forget to pass by stand #12.

Paper on Effective Methods for Controlling Water Borne Debris, Michael Sims.


Filip Stefanovic, Regional General Manager
Filip Stefanovic, Regional General Manager

Michael Sims, Sales Engineer
Michael Sims, Sales Engineer

Gregory Duquennois, Agent for Belgium & the Netherlands
Gregory Duquennois, Agent for Belgium & the Netherlands