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HYDRO 2022 product highlight: Bolina Permanent Debris Booms

Bolina at HYDRO 2022


Learn how Bolina Permanent Debris Booms are working to eradicate plastic pollution in global waterways and protect critical infrastructure, one of the HYDRO 2022 product highlights.

Unfortunately, we are all familiar with the sight of garbage and waste in our waterbodies and coastal areas, especially in areas of the world where waste management infrastructure isn’t a priority.

According to the World Health Organisation, it is estimated that more than two billion people live in water-stressed countries, while approximately only 30% have basic waste management services available. This means that hundreds of millions of people are at risk from inadequate management of urban, industrial and agricultural wastewater. With an estimated eight million pieces of plastic making their way into our oceans every day, the dangers aren’t going away anytime soon.

Statistics show that more than one million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from plastic pollution every year, while recently scientists announced that, for the first time ever, microplastics were found in the lungs of living people.

With approximately 381 million tonnes of plastic waste produced annually around the globe, it is essential that countries put in place plans and measures to help contain the spread of human-generated waste.

Simple solutions can have a tangible impact

How Bolina booms can help stop the spread of plastic in our waterways
How Bolina booms can help stop the spread of plastic in our waterways

A successful example of this is a project Bolina carried out with DEME, a Belgian marine contractor, where we engineered the longest river barrier in Europe, which was installed on the River Scheldt.

The Bolina floating Permanent Debris Boom (PDB) helped remove plastic and other floating debris from the waters of the tidal river, and has been a considerable success, funnelling 218 kilograms of waste into a plastic catcher every day.

The litter trap was installed in Temse, with a floating funnel that covers part of the river. Operational 24/7, it collected drifting debris inside the Bolina floating debris booms. Once the litter trap was full, everything was transferred into a CO2 neutral DEME vessel using VR technology. The debris was then transported to the riverbank, where DEME transferred once again the litter for collection and processing.

The project required Bolina to come up with an innovative design due to its location on the river. As it was near the Temse Bridge, various factors came into play, including a tidal effect of up to six metres, as well as alternating current directions and water speeds of up to two metres per second. Furthermore, the river is also a busy shipping route, which complicated planning.

HYDRO 2022 conference & exhibition

Our Bolina Permanent Debris Boom Range have been in use since 2001 on projects around the world. They can be installed permanently to contain and recover floating debris of all kinds, ranging from naturally occurring waste, through to man-made garbage. This not only has the benefit of keeping waterways clean and potable, but also improves their efficiency and performance as less time and resources will be spent maintaining them. This makes the range an ideal solution for the protection of critical infrastructure from disruption.

To learn more about what our Debris Booms can offer to the protection of waterways and critical infrastructure, join our Bolina representatives at Hydro 2022, which will be held in Strasbourg, France from April 25-27, 2022.

Filip Stefanovic, Regional General Manager; Michael Sims, Sales Engineer; and Gregory Duquennois, Agent for Belgium and the Netherlands, will be present across all three days of the event, exhibiting at Stand #12. In addition, Michael will be presenting a paper focused on ‘Effective Methods for Controlling Water Borne Debris’, during which he will discuss the work Bolina has carried over many years to protect structures and facilities around the world, often in treacherous conditions.

We look forward to meeting all attendees and participants at HYDRO 2022 this year, and hope that we can contribute towards making it a successful event.

VISIT US AT STAND #12 to learn how to protect critical marine assets and infrastructure to avoid operational issues, and get a chance to win a gift box valued at 245 euros!


HYDRO 2022 Strasbourg, France. For more information about the conference and event, and to register to attend, you can visit: and don’t forget to pass by stand #12.

Paper on Effective Methods for Controlling Water Borne Debris, Michael Sims.


Filip Stefanovic, Regional General Manager
Filip Stefanovic, Regional General Manager

Michael Sims, Sales Engineer
Michael Sims, Sales Engineer

Gregory Duquennois, Agent for Belgium & the Netherlands
Gregory Duquennois, Agent for Belgium & the Netherlands