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VMM Leuven placed triangular Bolina float at new fish passage Dijle

VMM Leuven placed triangular Bolina float at new fish passage Dijle


In 2019, a new fish passage was built on the 4th Dijle arm in the heart of Leuven, Belgium, close to the Stella Artois brewery, to make the existing valve weir passable to migrating fish species, and a triangular Bolina float was used to keep floating debris out.

The Dijle flows through Leuven and divides into several branches in the centre, which come together again after the city. Debris is always present in these different arms. To prevent the fish passage from being filled with plastics and other litter, the inflow was provided with a specially designed, triangular floating construction.

The inflow of the fish passage is located in the left retaining wall only a few metres from the valve weir and also at the top of the water surface with a depth of only 80cm. A floating barrier against the retaining wall was not an option, as it would limit the inflow for the fish. A fully slanted barrier from bank to bank was impossible as there would then be no possibility to remove the buoyant debris.

The only option was therefore a triangular floating debris construction made to measure on the basis of the Bolina PDB400 floats. This floating debris construction hangs against the wall on 2 guide posts, so that the entire construction always follows the level when water levels change. In this way, the barrier in V-shape also sinks to its lowest point when the valve weir is completely lowered once a day for flushing the 4th Dijle arm, and rises again automatically with the rising water after this flushing.

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Bolina is now an Ecocoast company.

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