Safety Booms

Safety afloat is more important today than ever.

From canoe booms to barge booms Bolina can help you meet your legal and moral obligations; providing safer waterways by reducing the risk to the public.

Our unique registered designs provide for public safety when deployed upstream of hazards such as weirs or sluices, to arrest not only drifting and disabled vessels, but also swimmers or people who have fallen into the water.

Most safety barriers in the UK are now Bolina designs with a typical 40 ton break load.

Bolina Booms are the preferred choice for both British Waterways and the Environment Agency who control the navigable waterways within the UK - similar authorities overseas have followed their lead.

Find your solution:

  • Rope Safety Booms

    Rope Safety Booms

    These booms will arrest vessels or victims in the water upstream of a hazard, while also providing an opportunity to escape safely.

    See our Rope Safety Booms

  • Chain Safety Booms

    Chain Safety Booms

    Designed to stop drifting and disabled vessels, or people in the water keeping them clear of hazards such as weirs or sluices.

    See our Chain Safety Booms

  • Traffic Control Booms

    Traffic Control Booms

    Used where physical barriers are required to zone off specific areas and to deter trespassers from private property, nature reserves etc.

    See our Traffic Control Booms

  • Canoe Booms

    Canoe Booms

    Our Canoe Boom design was developed following trials with the British Canoe Union to restrain canoes, kayaks, dinghies and other light craft.

    See our Canoe Booms

Bolina Booms has a wide range of project experience

  • London 2012 Olympic Games – all eight booms protecting the Olympic sites
  • U.S. Military – Counter Terrorist Booms used to provide waterside security overseas
  • Dutch Waterways – Safety Booms protecting all the weirs along the River Maas
  • French Waterways – Safety Booms to stop 5000 ton barges
  • Environment Agency - 3 year program of Safety Booms for the River Thames (current contract)
  • Cardiff Harbour Authority - 500m Litter Fence Boom to protect a nature reserve
  • London City Airport - 250m Airport Security Boom
  • British Waterways - Safety Booms for guarding weirs throughout England
  • BAE Systems - 100m latching boom to close dock entrance