Rope Safety Booms

Bolina's Rope Safety Booms (catenary ropes) are installed to arrest vessels or victims in the water upstream of a hazard, while also providing an opportunity to escape without the need for help from passers by, or the emergency services.

These booms are now standard with the Environment Agency and are installed throughout the river Thames where aesthetics are particularly important.

Rope Safety Boom Installations

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Safety Features

  • Ropes to help victims in the water to get to the pile floats
  • Pile floats designed to help victims climb out of the cold water (hand & foot holds provided)
  • Rescuers can work upstream of the boom in safety
  • Generous freeboard to restrain vessels drifting towards the hazard
  • All stressed components tested before despatch
  • No moving parts under stress (such as swivels)
  • Reflective plates for increased night time visibility (optional LED lights)

Bolina Standards

  • New tooling for float mouldings (low profile colours available)
  • Polyethylene floats are rotation moulded to Montreal Protocol standards
  • Proven long-term UV stability
  • Floats foamed with Lloyds Registered marine grade material (except for Environment Booms)
  • All components made to ISO 9001 standards
  • Steel components hot dip galvanised to ISO 1461
  • Certified welding quality
  • 30 years experience in flotation
  • Past experience in mouldings for MOD, RNLI, ABP, EA, HIE, BW
  • Thorough design and execution of boom projects

Construction Features

  • Assembled components arrive on site ready for simple installation
  • Easy section replacement if damaged
  • Maintenance reduced to occasional inspections
  • Wear strips to protect pile & steelwork coatings
  • Optional colours and lettering for floats

Deploying booms with the above features positively demonstrates your organisation's commitment to its duty of care for public safety.