Security Barriers

Asymmetric defence of warships in harbour from terrorists using relatively small craft is a growing concern.

Commercial ports also need security provisions in place with the implementation of the International Maritime Organisation's ISPS Code and EC 725/2004, in which the option to protect certain ports with security barriers has become more of a compliance issue under the homeland security umbrella. Therefore the need for floating barriers is not restricted to just naval bases and force protection.

We offer a range of security barriers for port security, airport security and exclusion zones. These well proven systems are now used for the protection of vessels and critical sites such as docks, power stations, runways etc from fast attack craft using improvised explosive devices. They can arrest vessels applying a force up to 80 tons as standard, are manufactured to ISO9001, and supplied with test certificates. We also design and supply exclusion zone booms for specific applications such as London City Airport providing a security zone in the Royal Docks.

Find your solution:

  • Port Security Booms

    Port Security Booms

    Used to restrain hostile or suspicious craft and effective for the protection of critical installations and vessels from terrorists, demonstrators, trespassers etc.

    See our Port Security Booms

  • Airport Security Booms

    Airport Security Booms

    Designed to stop watercraft getting too close to aprons and aircraft, particularly where aircraft wings pass over water.

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  • Exclusion Zone Booms

    Exclusion Zone Booms

    For creating an exclusion zone to protect of structures or vessels in high risk areas, while providing a safe environment for those working on site.

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We have a wide range of project experience

  • London 2012 Olympic Games – all eight booms protecting the Olympic sites
  • U.S. Military – Counter Terrorist Booms used to provide waterside security overseas
  • Dutch Waterways – Safety Booms protecting all the weirs along the River Maas
  • French Waterways – Safety Booms to stop 5000 ton barges
  • Environment Agency - 3 year program of Safety Booms for the River Thames (current contract)
  • Cardiff Harbour Authority - 500m Litter Fence Boom to protect a nature reserve
  • London City Airport - 250m Airport Security Boom
  • British Waterways - Safety Booms for guarding weirs throughout England
  • BAE Systems - 100m latching boom to close dock entrance