Port Security Booms

Our Chain Boom designs are already used extensively to restrain drifting and disabled vessels, or people who have fallen in the water.

They are designed to hold them upstream of hazards such as weirs or sluices while a rescue can be carried out. Therefore they are equally effective for the protection of critical installations and vessels from boat bombers or terrorist craft in a port security role.

This design is available with rotating steel spikes ('spurs') to discourage planing boats from trying to get over the boom by jumping through one of the gaps between the floats. These booms are now available with our patented latching system that allows the boom to be opened and closed automatically. As part of your Port Security Plan, they can help you meet your responsibilities as detailed in the ISPS Codes.

Port Security Boom Installations

See more photos in the Security Barrier gallery here

Security Features

  • Generous freeboard to restrain craft
  • Vessels can berth behind the boom in safety
  • All stressed components tested & certified before despatch
  • No moving parts under stress (such as swivels)
  • Tried and tested through-chain system (as used for mooring buoys & other booms)
  • Optional alarm systems, swimmer nets etc.

Bolina Standards

  • New tooling for float mouldings (low profile colours available)
  • Polyethylene floats are rotation moulded to Montreal Protocol standards
  • Proven long-term UV stability
  • Floats foamed with Lloyds Registered marine grade material (except for Environment Booms)
  • All components made to ISO 9001 standards
  • Steel components hot dip galvanised to ISO 1461
  • Certified welding quality
  • 30 years experience in flotation
  • Past experience in mouldings for MOD, RNLI, ABP, EA, HIE, BW
  • Thorough design and execution of boom projects

Construction Features

  • User-friendly assembly with simple instructions
  • Virtually unsinkable construction
  • Easy section replacement if damaged
  • Maintenance reduced to occasional inspections
  • Chain floats are unstressed
  • Up to 80 tons break load
  • Tidal compensators that are self aligning (to avoid jamming)
  • Easy locking and unlocking for ship movements
  • Vandal and tamper resistant connections
  • Optional colours and lettering for floats

Deploying booms with the above features proves your commitment to deterring terrorism as required by the ISPS code.