Bolina is now an Ecocoast company Ecocoast

À propos de Bolina

Bolina est le leader européen des barrages flottants de sécurité, de sûreté et d’environnement pour les voies navigables, les ports et les infrastructures décisives.


Bolina ingénierie, conçoit et développe une large gamme de barrages flottants. Début 2020, Bolina a été acquis par Ecocoast, un leader mondial dans le domaine des produits techniques destinés à la protection des littoraux et des voies navigables.

L’intégration de la marque Bolina – Bolina Booms® – nous permet de vous offrir une gamme inégalée de solutions antipollution, de sûreté et de sécurité au niveau mondial pour protéger et soutenir les littoraux, les voies navigables et les populations.


  • 1998 1998
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    Bolina is formed after discussions between Jerry Row (Founder) and British Waterways regarding their need for river safety booms.

  • 2000 2000
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    First of over 400 Rope Safety Boom installations on the River Thames.

  • 2001 2001
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    Tees Barrage - Bolina's longest and most challenging site protecting the Tees Barrage from 1,000's of tonnes of debris with a PDB600.

  • 2004 2004
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    British Waterways were so impressed with the performance of the Tees Barrage boom compared with others that they had tried, that they added a further 80m long environmental boom to the Tees which remains there to this day.

  • 2007 2007
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    Maas 6 Boom in Holland paves the way for expansion into the Dutch market.

  • 2011 2011
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    Bolina Traffic Control Booms close off the River Rhine for President Obama at the NATO 60th Anniversary Summit in Strasburg.

  • 2014 2014
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    Cahorra Bassa - the first major LSB600 - 380m long Bolina boom replacing a failed competitors boom to protect the major hydro power installation in Africa.

  • 2015 2015
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    Kariba Dam - 250m of Bolina LSB600 in Zambia protecting the critical hydropower installation.

  • 2020 2020
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    Ecocoast acquires Bolina, giving clients unprecedented access to marine products globally.

  • 2021 2021
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    Europe's longest debris barrier! Installed by DEME in Belgium, to remove plastic from waterways.