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Debris Booms

Protecting Our Waterways.

Bolina Debris Booms are used for pollution control in sensitive areas, such as industrial sites, nature reserves, harbours or marinas, pumping stations, water treatment works, dam spillways, just to mention a few.

The booms are unique in the market as the only fully flush faced debris booms currently available. The design makes the Bolina Debris Booms self-clearing when installed at a suitable angle to the current flow, allowing for easily debris collection at a convenient point or deflecting debris away from critical sites, such as sluices or intakes, to stop them from getting blocked.

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  • The product is well made and I foresee it being a long-term solution to our problem.

    B.M., Construction Supervisor, FELIX TECHNOLOGY INC.
  • Our staff then installed the Bolina Debris Boom, which works extremely well, so we recommend this system as a good choice.

    H. van de K., WSV & E
  • The booms are great, and they blend in well with the surrounding scenery.

    K.P., Project Manager, SOUTH WEST WATER