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Bolina Traffic Control Booms

Traffic Control Booms

To create a safety barrier to prevent all craft from passing through.

Bolina Traffic Control Booms are used to create a safety barrier to prevent even the smallest of craft from passing through. They are ideal for nearshore applications, waterways, marinas, private water bodies and nature reserves.

The booms can be assembled rapidly using simple tools. Due to the weight and size of the boom modules, there is little likelihood that the booms can be lifted by hand to permit passage underneath them.

The fixed freeboard and buoyancy mean that the tubes remain clear of the water surface and the floats cannot be submerged, preventing craft from passing over it. The Bolina Traffic Control Boom system facilitates frequent opening and closing, similar to a lockable gate.

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Product:Traffic Control Booms (TCB)
Models:TCB400 / TCB600 / TCB800 / TCB1000
Applications:Create a safety barrier to prevent even the smallest craft from passing through.

  • The internal closed cell polyurethane foam filling ensures the float will maintain full buoyancy in an unlikely event where the outer float skin is damaged by a heavy collision – they are virtually unsinkable.
  • The floats are moulded in one piece and are not splittable.
  • The quality polyethylene material used for the outer skin is highly resistant to the damaging effects of UV light and colour fade over time, ideal for applications in high UV environments.