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Bolina Litter Fence Booms

Litter Fence Booms

For where additional height or freeboard is required to collect wind borne debris.

Bolina Litter Fence Booms are used where wetland habitats or other sensitive areas need protection from floating and wind-blown debris. By preventing debris reaching the habitats, the booms avoid the need for manual debris recovery, which can cause damage to sensitive sites.

They share the same features as the Bolina Modular Debris Booms, but incorporate replaceable Netlon fence panels.

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Product:Litter Fence Booms (LFB)
Applications:Used to control the flow of debris and pollution.

  • The booms are unique in the market as the only fully flush faced debris boom currently available. The design makes the boom self-clearing when installed at a suitable angle to the current flow, allowing for easily debris collection at a convenient point or deflecting debris away from sluices or intakes to stop them from getting blocked.
  • The unique flush front to the curtain, which is highly resistant to abrasion, chafe and impact damage, avoids debris getting “hung up”. The buoyancy floats are attached behind the curtain on the downstream side providing maximum protection from any possible damage.
  • The booms are simple to construct and are provided in lengths to meet exact client requirements.