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Bolina Modular Debris Booms

Modular Debris Booms

For temporary works across waterways to collect debris ready for removal and disposal.

Bolina Modular Debris Booms are ideal for temporary works, such as clearing drainage channels of aquatic weeds and mowing grass banks.

They can easily be deployed across waterways in varying lengths to collect floating debris ready for removal and disposal. Each 3m module has a simple connection plate at either end, which permits extra modules to be easily bolted on to create and extend the boom to the required length.

Using stainless steel eye-bolts fitted at each end, the booms can be secured in position or towed along behind a weed boat using ropes, wires or chains. We are able to supply various end connections to restrain the ends of the Bolina Modular Debris Booms.

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Product:Modular Debris Booms (MDB)
Models:MDB400 / MDB600
Applications:Ideal for inland waterways, reservoirs, marinas, private water bodies and nature reserves to
collect floating debris ready for removal and disposal.

  • The 3m long modular debris booms can easily be transported and deployed by two people.
  • The design with its flush upstream face causes the boom to be self-clearing when installed at a suitable angle to the current. This allows debris to either be collected at a convenient point or deflected away from key areas.
  • The booms are highly resistant to abrasion, chafe and impact damage, and designed to operate with minimal maintenance requirements. The buoyancy floats are attached behind the curtain on the downstream side, which provides maximum protection from any possible damage.