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Bolina to be present at Seawork | Marine Civils

Bolina to be present at Seawork | Marine Civils 2022


Representatives from Bolina will be showcasing the entire product range of the company at the massive Seawork | Marine Civils event in Southampton, UK.

With more than 3,000 attendees and 179 exhibitors from over 21 countries, Marine Civils is a major event for the European marine, coastal and civil engineering industries.

Showcasing the latest products, equipment and solutions for marine and aquatic works, the event is co-located with Seawork, the continent’s largest commercial marine exhibition. However, Marine Civils will have its own dedicated exhibition hall and will run concurrently with the larger exhibition, over its three-day runtime from June 21-23, 2022.

The event will be held at Mayflower Park in Southampton, UK, from 09:30 to 17:30, on June 21 and 22, but will close at 16:00 on the final day of the event. Attendees from Civil Engineering, UK Port Authorities, Energy Companies, Conservation organisations, and many other related industries are expected to make up the bulk of visitors to the event.

Given the significant overlap in content and business opportunities, the two events are expected to provide attendees with opportunities to learn and explore more about their industries and gain access to a wide variety of relevant authorities, industry leaders and innovators.

Ecocoast Contracting LLC

Bolina will be taking part in this year’s event, alongside our holding company, Ecocoast. Our representatives will be located at Stand G133 – Michael Sims, Sales Engineer, and Filip Stefanovic, Bolina Regional General Manager, will be available to discuss and share insights into the work that Ecocoast does, and how our products and systems provide solutions to a variety of complex projects.

A short introduction to Bolina

Headquartered in the UK, Bolina has strategic partners all around the world, and we are the European leaders in marine safety, security and environment booms for inland waterways, ports, dams and critical infrastructure.

Since 2020, when we were acquired by Ecocoast, we have been able to offer clients an unmatched range of marine products for coastal and marine protection, demarcation, navigation, and safety and security purposes globally.

We offer our products and systems under three main categories: Safety, Security and Environment. Under each of these categories, we can customise and tailor-make solutions as per the needs and requirements of the client.

At Marine Civils, we will be highlighting our entire portfolio of products, which include our Security and Safety ranges, such as: Traffic Control Booms, Canoe Booms, Rope Safety Booms, Chain Safety Booms,Hemi Ball Booms and Recreation Booms; as well as our Port and Airport Security Booms – all to provide safer waterways and protect critical locations. Our Environmental range of products include Permanent and Modular Debris Booms, Permanent Pollution Booms, Litter Fence Booms and Log Screen Booms.

A number of high-profile projects around the world

Airport Security Booms provide an added measure of protection for aircraft
Airport Security Booms provide an added measure of protection for aircraft

Bolina’s products have been used throughout Europe and around the world on a number of high-profile projects, such as the 2017 G20 Summit in Hamburg, where we worked with German police to secure Hamburg’s main harbour through our Port Security Booms. We were chosen for this highly sensitive project because of our prior experience and successful delivery at London City Airport, the London Olympics in 2012, and various other NATO summits.

We are also regularly called upon to help protect high-value utilities infrastructure assets, such as hydropower stations, water treatment plants and sluice gates, amongst others. One such project was the Montefurado Hydroelectric Power Plant in Spain’s Galicia region, where we deployed our Bolina Log Screen Booms to help prevent the build up of debris on one side of the dam. This was an issue that was causing major disruptions to the operations of the plant, so we worked with the client to supply and install 47 modules (with a total length of 190 metres) of Bolina’s LSB600 booms, along with horse rails and pile floats. This resulted in the immediate reduction of debris and an uptick in the overall performance and operation of the plant.

Our booms have also proved themselves in a variety of testing and challenging conditions, which is an important consideration due to the way climate change is impacting global weather conditions and water bodies. We have proven that our booms can continue to be relied upon in extreme weather, such as Arctic winter conditions, as well as during heavy flooding and severe storms.

In the winter of 2013-2014, the UK saw the wettest December 1 to January 31 period since 1876, which consequently led catastrophic floods that were amongst the worst ever to impact the country, with large-scale damage caused in counties such as Somerset, Devon, Dorset, and Cornwall in the south-west, and the Thames Valley in the south-east.

The Thames Valley was the hardest hit, with as many as 14 severe flood warnings issued along the course of the river, and water levels so high that parks along the banks of Thames were completely submerged.

Our installations of more than 300 Bolina Rope Safety Booms helped protect critical flood control infrastructure from damage by deflecting rapidly moving debris into low-risk and easily clearable areas, while also helped save lives as they have been designed to allow two people per float to climb onto the booms without the use of a ladder. Despite the unprecedented conditions and stresses that they were put under, the booms performed exemplary according to UK government officials, and to this day, many of the units are still in place.

To hear more about what our range of Bolina products can offer you, we invite you to join Filip and Mike at Marine Civils between June 21 – 23 at stand G133.


TUE 21 – THU 23 JUNE
Seawork | Marine Civils 2022 Southampton, United Kingdom. For more information about the conference and event, and to register to attend, you can visit: and don’t forget to pass by stand #G133.

09:30 – 17:30 Tuesday 21 June
09:30 – 17:30 Wednesday 22 June
09:30 – 16:00 Thursday 23 June

Bolina to be present at Seawork | Marine Civils 2022