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Ecocoast’s silt curtains for a ground fill project

Ecocoast's silt curtains for a ground fill project


At the beginning of 2020, we were contacted by Berrenheibos for mobile silt curtains against floating debris during a ground fill project.

Berrenheibos had an assignment for the soil accumulation and attenuation of a former pond in Schelle, Belgium. They were looking for a solution to collect and dispose of floating material that would be released during the works.

Ecocoast’s silt curtains, manufactured under the brand Ecoabarrier, are the ideal solution for earthworks and replenishment of water reservoirs. They are relatively light and easy to move. A straight or curved shape is possible thanks to additional Danforth anchors.

For example, the 200m floating barrier was placed across the pond a few tens of metres before the soil was filled. Depending on the progress of the work, the entire screen was then moved along as a mobile floating barrier. Berrenheibos carried out the initial installation as well as the subsequent relocation on the water all by itself. The straight forward design and the handy mounting clamps make installation on site simple. No specific prior knowledge or heavy equipment is required.

Thanks to the floating silt curtain, the released floating material can then be transported to the shore or possibly collected by boat. After this pond was replenished, the Ecobarrier Silt Curtain was disassembled again. This will later be used at other locations. The modular construction of the floating screen in lengths of 25m makes it possible to realise any shape and desired distance.

If, in the future, only part of a pond needs to be replenished, the Ecobarrier Silt Curtain can be fitted with extra screens under the floating barrier. These perforated screens up to a depth of 6m allow the sediment to sink to the bottom, a local replenishment without contaminating the rest of the pond.

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Bolina is now an Ecocoast company.

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