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Log Screen Booms: Highly effective tools to manage risk

Log Screen Booms: Effective tools to manage risk


Learn why Log Screen Booms are highly effective tools in the operation of hydro power plants to manage risk.

Maintaining power generation at some of the world’s major hydro dams can be a challenging task at the best of times, given the many variables that can impact output and supply. However, one of the biggest challenges facing the operation of these dams is the floating debris in the waters around them, which can build up to the point where they represent a significant threat to the continued operation of the project.

Bolina trials new cost-effective, high-strength debris boom
Cahora Bassa Dam, Mozambique

At Bolina, we have extensive experience in helping maintain power generation plants at some of the world’s major hydro dams, including the Kariba Dam in Zambia, the Cahora Bassa Dam in Mozambique, and more recently, the Montefurado Power Plant in Galicia, Spain.

These dams are usually located on major rivers and waterbodies and as such, often have an exceptional amount of naturally occurring floating debris carried downstream. If there is a failure to control the flow and direction of these debris, it can have catastrophic consequences.

It is in response to the need for these particular challenges that we have developed our range of Log Screen Booms (LSB), which come in three models – each calibrated to work effectively in different conditions and environments.

Montefurado Power Plant in Galicia, Spain

These series of booms have a capacity of up to 100-tonnes break load, and up to 3 metres of draft. They use mesh screens that are joined up together to provide a seamless barrier for logs and debris, with full articulation between units. Each mesh screen can be easily attached to the underside of the booms via specially designed swivel connectors.

Benefits: Automatic adjustment to water level, strong & highly resistant to impact

In addition, the wall rails accommodate our unique self-aligning compensator design, which allows the boom to smoothly follow any changes in water level regardless of the approach angle.

The tubular backbone and Bolina-patented lug connections make our booms immensely strong, while ensuring that they are capable of withstanding continuous motion and heavy loads. The design also makes sure that the floats – which are fully demountable – remain unstressed during operation.

Made of UV-stabilised polyethylene, our floats come with solid PU foam filling and are highly resistant to impact. They can maintain fully buoyancy even in the rare occurrence of being damaged, punctured or cracked.

Our LSB range has been developed from our highly successful Traffic Control Booms range – a high level of quality control and testing has gone into its development and deployment. Furthermore, our experience in this field allows us to deliver customised solutions to our clients and partners, while our teams can be deployed to help with the design, manufacturing, and installation, in tandem with local partners on the ground.

Following the installation of the Log Screen Booms on different projects around the world, the feedback from our clients has been positive, with several of them highlighting the effective work of the booms in significantly reducing the amount of floating debris, thereby massively improving operations and reducing maintenance downtime. Find out more.


Protecting the Cahora Bassa hydropower plant
Improving operations at Montefurado power plant in Spain